Q: Who is Sandra Raju? Where do you come from, shortly about your past, what has made you the person you are today? Where do you find the strength/inspiration/motivation to accomplish your everyday success? 

Well, actually I have not made up my mind about myself yet, I haven't had the chance to figure it all out. I ain't a lady, nor a random person. I guess I'm a free spirit, adventurer and a little bit of a rebel. Junkie. Life junkie, and I'm high on positive emotions. I'm a grown up  in the making, who loves random out-of-box things and situations but at the same time I like when all of my things have been organized into boxes and little departments. Tupperware, mmm… I'm a secret poet but I write with the movement of my body, just to inspire and motivate people to find their way. I tend to like comfort zone but the minute I find, that nothing grows there, I will escape.

From time to time, I'd like to think that I have figured out what kind of a person I have become, what my life has made me into. Each time I end up with the same result - no, I still don't know. It seems that it won't clear up any time soon and to be honest - I like the sweet smell of uncertainty and opportunities. I enjoy that certain amount of not knowing what will happen tomorrow and where my life will take me next, who are the people I'm going to meet the next week and the situations I'll be in. Yes, those situations where I silently swear in my head like ''Dammit, Sandra -  why did you have to do THAT. Again!'' - oh, that makes my heart beat a little faster. I guess that the million different jobs I've had and moments I have survived have made me the person I am today. I don't look back and think: ''Maaan, I wish I had done that'' because that must had been the right thing to do that very moment. Thanks to that situation I probably met someone who makes me smile a little weird and stare at them because they speak exactly like you and they make the same silly jokes, that are actually not very funny at all, but they make you laugh. I have had the privilege of meeting people like that in Estonia and abroad and it motivates me so much - I can see that I'm not alone and I'm doing the right thing. 

Photo: Kalev Lilleorg

No matter what people say - it's pretty hard to live alone for a long time, because people are not meant to live by themselves. We are like a wolfpack and need people around us. I once read a quote by Lady GaGa the went kinda like this: ''Your career can't wake up one morning and tell you that he doesn't love you any more'' and that was the ultimate truth for me at that time - ''I don't need anyone else next to me, I can handle it by myself.''  

Oh, how I agreed at that time! The older I get the more I understand how that has changed in my eyes and that second half is so important to have. I have been a loner for a long time and done stuff alone because career has always been number one - no time to find someone next to me because I understand - you can't just settle, because it's unfair to you and that other person. I made jokes that the only people who visit me are TV-mechanics and then I understood - come on, Sandra...that joke is on YOU! Get a life! Get out of your apartment and start living. I'm still working on that.

Among many other thoughts, I value the idea that you should not regret what you have done and regret, what you haven't. Life has a spectacular ability to throw the pieces into place and evolve exactly like planned - all you have to do is trust the road but keep in mind that miracles don't happen. Hard work happens and hard work beats lazy talent. 

Every. Time. 

It's never too late to change your life if you are unhappy. We ourselves make our lives and if you choose to be unhappy then you will be + make everyone around you unhappy, too. Positivity is contagious and I want to share it as much as I can because I see that this is my mission - make people happy, stronger and full of good thoughts. Serena Williams has said: ''I don't have time to be negative'' and that's the way with me too. Life is too short to worry about things you can't change. I am on a mission to make World a better place, sort of a Mother Theresa thing going around here...and on my spare time I do cheerleading, shake my pom-poms and travel around. In a short dress and sneakers. 

Close enough.