Me and music, well we have a relationship, the sort or love affair that is only described in books and movies. I guess I can say that I'm in a long term relationship with hip-hop and urban music, overall. We are happily married and we've been together since high school. He is my first love and affection. I appreciate how he has managed to stay himself but at the same time grown in a great matter. Daily, he can show me sides of him that I didn't know even existed and that still make me think: ''Wow, he is awesome''. 

He is wonderful, with his flaws and all and the bad sides make me value the good ones even more. But just like in all fairy tales, this one has a dark side, too. Lately I have been looking at alternative rock, indie and some other, mello creatures.

It's just, from time to time I feel that I need something else - something new. Something to shake me out of my comfort zone but on the other hand, to make me realize, that what I have right now is perfectly fine. Don't get me wrong, I truly love him but I have to try new things, feel the energy of choice and versatility. I feel that the collaboration we have is making me a better person. 

I think that the best song, to describe our relationship, is Common – Come Close. This song, the melody, Common's honest love to his style, Mary J's softly nourishing voice and the video - it's all perfectly in sync and show that hard times are here to be conquered. In the end, things will fall into place anyway.